Starting Point

Ownership: Where First Steps Lead to Next Steps

Starting Point is a time set aside to unpack LIFEHOUSE’s mission and talk about how God may be leading you to the next steps of OWNERSHIP with LIFEHOUSE!

What is an Owner?

Many churches have members, but LIFEHOUSE has owners. People who take ownership of the church. Investing in the Kingdom of God by viewing LIFEHOUSE as their home. Being an owner is a call to action. Jesus did not intend for the church to be a place where disciples just gather, but a place where disciples are equipped to scatter. Jesus did not mean for His people to just go to a place, but to be a people who are on a mission.

Why OWNERSHIP is important?

Does it really matter if I’m an OWNER or not? Why do I have to take a class to even become an OWNER? Why do I have to sign anything? These are all question asked when learning the importance of next steps at LIFEHOUSE.

Every OWNER is in a position of responsibility and becomes a stakeholder of the church. A person with an interest, investment, and involvement in what the church has been called to accomplish. LIFEHOUSE OWNERS commit to the great commission of sharing the gospel with others through their LIFE. This is achieved by loving God and others, investing God’s blessings, living faith out loud, and engaging in the community. LOVING and SERVING in order to SHOW and TELL the gospel together as a church body.